Oak Dining Table

There is something special about a matured solid oak table. Whether it is its aged wisdom or simply its strong presence an oak table is always a treat to look at. Being the most popular wooden table on the market there is a wide selection of oak tables with everything from modern to traditional. We have picked out a wide selection of tables to show you just how diverse they can be.

Solid Oak and Glass Roma Dining Table

This oak and glass table accompanied my 8 cream leather chairs will bring a modern twist to your dining room. With high quality oak and glass the finishing on this table is well above average. When you include the 8 leather chairs a price tag of £850 including delivery is a very decent price for this kind of table.

Unlike some wooden tables the glass centre and cream chairs makes the table very light and will be very effective in lighting up a darker room especially if your dining room lacks natural lighting. Its metal support beams will go well with any metal furniture in your dining room but just as well with other lighter wood. Measuring 2 meters this table can seat 8 people rather comfortably but perhaps is more ideal for seating 6 people on a regular basis.

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