Kitchen Tables

Buying a table for your kitchen is considerably different than buying a table for your dining room. Firstly, the space in which you need to fit the table can often be quite small unless you are lucky enough to have a large kitchen. This might mean that you will need to think twice about how big a table you can buy, but also about the way that it can be positioned in your kitchen. A good trick of you are short of space is to buy a round table and put it against one wall which will save you space while the extra surface area of a round table will allow you to fit 4 people around the table where a square table might struggle. A rectangular table will have a similar effect when put against a wall from its short side where you will be able to sit 2 people around each longer side of the table sitting next to each other.

It is also important to think what you will use your kitchen table for. Many people use them for family dinners when not entertaining guests but more often than not the kitchen tables can be used for by children doing homework or any sort of hobby requiring a table. The use of your table might influence your decision of what size, shape and price of kitchen table you should get. As a general guide, a kitchen table should not cost as much as your dining table, partly because they are seen as the everyday table and therefore more susceptible to spills and damage, but also because it would be somewhat wasteful to have two expensive tables and only allowed to use one at a time.

We get quite a few questions asked by people who are struggling to find a nice kitchen table due to the lower range of tables to select from when compared to dining tables. We always remind our readers that nothing is stopping you from buying a cheaper dining table to use in your kitchen as there is no definitive definition of a kitchen table.