How To Choose The Right Chairs For Your Dining Table

Picture of dining table chairs

Whether you have decided that you need a change from your existing chairs or just find your current chairs too tattered and in need of replacement, deciding what new chairs to go for can be far trickier than you might first believe.

Often the initial response will be to try to find chairs that match the table both in terms of colour and design. While this is a natural response, you will end up with a very limited select to choose from. It is often worth experimenting with different designs, colours and even materials that might not appear to match your table. You might be surprised with what nice combinations you can come up with.

For instance, mixing a traditional oak table with some modern metal chairs can retain that traditional look and add a spice of modern to the mix all at the same time. Having a darker coloured table and light chairs or vice versa can also produce some fine looking combinations. The trick here is to pick combinations at random to see what does and does not work for you.

In the end it really does not matter what you decide on as long as you are happy with your selection. Perhaps the best way to make your decision is to image your dining table in your dining room and then take one type of a chair at a time and image it sitting at the table. If you have trouble imaging you could always print off a picture of a chair hold it up against your table from a distance and see what it looks like together with the table. You may have to squint a bit so you cannot blatantly see the chair is a picture and make sure you are standing far enough so that the picture of the chair is proportionate to the table. Those of you that are still struggling might want to take a look at some combinations from dining sets that are on the market to get a little inspiration.

One chair characteristic that is often overlooked is the actually comfort of the chair. Perhaps it is so obvious that a chair must be comfy that people just overlook it. Unpadded chairs can sometimes be quite hard to sit on and long back chairs might give your lower back more of a workout than you planned for. Sometimes you have to pay for style with comfort so make sure you do not forget to think about how comfortable you want to be at dinner, especially if you plan to use your chairs often and for long periods of time.