Glass Dining Table

Glass dining tables can look stunning when they have been produced with the highest of quality. When looking for a glass table, it is important to be willing to spend a little more for that higher quality as compared to wooden tables, glass tables can suffer in quality when buying on a budget.

I always find glass tables stunning, perhaps it is the unique shapes or the see through ability that puts more emphasis on the immaculate tables stand, but what I do know is that glass tables provide some of the most unique pieces of dining room furniture. Below we have searched the entire internet to bring you some of our favourite designs.

Solid Oak Glass Dining Table

As one of my favourite glass tables this 6 foot, 6 to 8 seater looks nothing short of stunning. 10mm think glass provides peace of mind that this table should never break while the thick oak beams look beautifully in balanced harmony. The table looks well balanced even when having all legs in the centre providing excellent stability. Padded legs not only provide further stability but enable easy table manipulation without damaging fragile flooring.

Perhaps the reason why I like this table so much is the price tag. At around £300 including deliver for a table of this quality this table is an absolute bargain with similar tables retaining at well over £1000 without compromising on quality. Please remember that this is just the table and chairs will need to be sourced separately. Perhaps the only negative aspect we could find is the glass corners which could be dangerous to children as they are harder to see then wooden table corners so take care if your dining room is open and your children play nearby.

The Benefits of Owning a Glass Dining Table

Glass dining tables are a modern alternative to the traditional solid wood dining tables that have reigned in dining rooms for the last few thousand years. The growing demand for glass tables might have you wondering what is so special about them.

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