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Not every dining table comes as a set complete with matching chairs leaving us with the task of selecting chairs for our table. Some find it a great opportunity to find their ideal chairs while others find it a hassle trying to find matching chairs. For the latter, take the opportunity to find your perfect chairs even if it takes you a little while as it will be all worth while in the end.

We have reviewed some of our favourite chairs below spanning many varieties including oak, pine, antique, modern, leather, metal, black, white, and colourful chairs giving you a perfect selection to choose from, ideal for premium tables as well as the best bargains we could find. We hope that everyone can find suitable chairs for their dining rooms.

Dark Brown Faux Leather Dining Chairs (Pair 2X)

For those looking for dark leather chairs you might consider this pair of Faux dark brown leather chairs. With impressive build quality on the stitching and paint we were pleasantly impressed with these chairs. With two chairs at under £100 including delivery these are an absolute bargain.

Dark brown chairs will go well with a dark wood table while some more adventurous readers might want to mix dark brown with a black or white wooden table or even metallic, but perhaps our favourite match would be with a glass table as these beautiful chairs would become the centrepiece of the dining room.

Gizmo White Leather Dining Chair

This white leather dining chair is something really special, the high backrest spanning below seat level provides a unique style we have never seen before. The Chrome legs together with the white leather give a fantastic look of modern yet at the same time high class. These a clearly premium chairs with high quality chrome and leather including immaculate stitching.

Another interesting feature is their fire resistance ability which we suppose is a great sign of quality even though we are not sure anyone would like to put them to the test. Seeing these chairs together with a glass or chrome table would no doubt look stunning but even a white wooden table should bring out the best in these chairs. Dont forget the ability to mix white and black so dont discard these even if you have a black dining table. At about £95 per chair you can rest assured these are designer chairs. We love them so as long as they match your dining room and your budget allows these are perhaps our favourite chairs to recommend.

How To Choose The Right Chairs For Your Dining Table

Whether you have decided that you need a change from your existing chairs or just find your current chairs too tattered and in need of replacement, deciding what new chairs to go for can be far trickier than you might first believe.

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